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Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About Single Origin Coffee

Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About Single Origin Coffee

Andrew Blackmore
5 minute read

From the brew to the first sip, the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee is unlike any other. 

But how much do you know about those beans you use to brew your coffee? Like most people, probably not much. What if you knew exactly where your coffee beans came from?

Well, when you purchase single origin coffee, you do! Not only that, but your coffee also comes with a unique flavor profile based on its origin.

Single origin coffee isn't a gimmick or a marketing strategy. Today we're going to explain everything you'll ever need to know about single origin coffee and more!

What is Single Origin Coffee?

As its name suggests, single origin coffee comes from a single place in the world. The beans grown are unique to the region, and they are never blended with other beans. 

All the beans that go into that bag of coffee grounds or beans all come from the same place. Whether it's from South America, Asia, or Africa, your coffee beans will always come from the same region. Some brands may even all come from the same farm or coffee plantation!

But why is this better than a traditional blend?

Though coffee preferences are unique to the individual, having coffee sourced from a single region of the world tells you a lot about the coffee's flavor profile! Not to mention, it's pretty interesting getting to know your coffee on such a personal level!

Casual coffee drinkers and aficionados alike love single origin coffee for the experience of tasting not only a particular bean but the select region of the world where it was grown.

Flavor Profiles

As we mentioned, single origin coffee flavor should also be a factor when choosing your beans. Single origin beans are important because they shape the final flavor profile of your cup of coffee. 


The soil coffee beans are grown in is an essential part of their flavor. Like a fine wine or whiskey, the beans' origin affects the authenticity and richness of the flavor you select.

Our Papua New Guinea Medium Roast beans are grown in the country's mountain's volcanic loamy soil. The rich soil provides the beans with ample nutrients during the growing process. These beans end up with a tasting profile consisting of honey, caramel, and fruit. 

Papua New Guinea Medium Roast Coffee

Papua New Guinea Medium Roast Coffee


Story of the Roast This coffee is a sweet, medium roast grown in the mountains on the eastern half of the island nation of Papua New Guinea. It can have a bit more oils than coffee from South and Central America... read more

Regional Climate

Single origin coffee vs coffee blends is a debate people will continue to have for as long as we drink coffee—which we don't intend to stop. However, you can ease your mind by knowing that regardless of the taste of blended coffee mixes, with single origin you will always taste 100% of the climate it's grown in.

While some coffee-growing countries are dry and arid, others are wet and humid. While some experience heavy rainfall, others have dry seasons, all of which affect the coffee bean's flavor profile.

Coffee beans grown in more humid climates with consistent temperatures help infuse the coffee plant's unique flavor into the bean. However, you want the atmosphere to be pretty consistent with humid climates; otherwise, they can draw from the bean's flavor.

It's all a balancing act of growing the bean in the perfect region!


The process that a particular farm or plantation, or even a whole region uses to source its beans, can even affect a coffee bean's taste. 

Washed and dried in the sun, raised beds, or even fermented first, the process that specific regions use is the last part of determining the taste of your coffee. Like we mentioned before, the climate can come into play here as well. 

Unlike some of our other single origin coffee beans, our Nicaraguan medium roast coffee beans are fermented for 12-14 hours before being dried on patios and raised beds. Other South American and African single origin coffees are only dried in the sun. 

The subtle differences in their finished products are just detectable enough to figure out your favorite!

Nicaraguan Medium Roast Coffee

Nicaraguan Medium Roast Coffee


Story of the Roast A complex Nicaraguan coffee grown at high altitudes making it Super Hard Grade (SHG) ensures a rich cup of coffee. It is perfect for your traditional drip coffee maker or as a pour over. It is our private label coffee... read more


The altitude of the soil is a factor here may seem like a bit of a stretch, but it's been shown that higher altitudes result in better-tasting coffee. They believe that ample drainage and select nutrients in higher altitude soil contribute to a unique and delicious coffee flavor.  


Single origin coffee cost is not much different than your average bag of quality coffee beans. The price won't be comparable to grounds in a large tub, but they certainly provide your money's worth. 

If you're worried about cost, rest assured that though these single origin beans may be a bit more expensive it's because of the product's exclusivity. Because these beans come from specific regions or plantations, production is limited to what they can make. 

You also have to consider shipping from these coffee-producing regions that may not be as accessible. 

Should You Buy Single Origin Coffee?

Even if you like your coffee blends, single origin coffee is worth trying. Not only do you get the excitement of choosing the unique coffee tasting profile, but you get to find out specific information about where it comes from!

Not sure which one you might like? We have 8 different varieties for you to choose from, whether you prefer light, medium, or dark roasts from all over the world!

Now with our subscription service, you'll even get beans delivered directly to your door, fresh and ready for brewing. If you've never tried single origin coffee before, give it a chance. You may be surprised to find a new favorite!

Don't forget to contact us today!

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