Medium Roast Coffee from Relax and Brew

These Medium Roast coffees are our most versatile roasts, sourced from all over the world. These specialty beans are roasted for all-day drinking and are generally our most popular. 

They are likely closest in color to the blends you may be used to - and go by many names - Breakfast Roast. After Dinner. Regular. City Roast. City+.

Don't let their popularity fool you - this is damn good, freshly roasted coffee. No blends here - all single-origin beans of the highest quality.

A medium roast does an excellent job of blending the roast's flavor with the bean's different highlights. Our Medium Roasts are typified by their smooth finish and bold but sweet flavors - each with its own taste profile. 

In medium roasts, the roasting process goes well past the first crack, but typically stops short of the second crack that is typical in dark roasts. This can still yield a range of roast levels - for instance our Costa Rican is on the lighter side of medium whereas our Nicaraguan is on the darker side. However, both the flavor profiles and levels of caffeine sit within the medium roast spectrum. 

We give a bit more detail on medium roasts in our blog. Check out the full story here.

Our mission is to make excellent coffee more accessible. Our prices are lower than the competition for gourmet coffee, shipping is always free and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Because we ship our coffee the day it roasts, this is as fresh and amazing as coffee gets!