About Relax and Brew Coffee

Who are we?

I’m Andrew and I founded Relax and Brew coffee with my wife in 2020.

We looked around in the middle of a tough year, anxious and tired. I struggle with mental illness that affects my family and I immensely.

I realized 2020 had been a year full of triggers and I wanted to do something about it for myself and others who struggle with mental illness.

Practicing mindfulness - being present in the current moment - is something I can control that helps with my anxiety. When we thought more about it, the act of home-brewing coffee became an outlet.

It is a uniquely sensory and mindful experience that is easy, could become part of our daily routine and kept us out of crowded cafes during the Covid outbreak.

We formed the right partnerships to provide specialty-grade, single-origin coffee that is roasted fresh - on-demand. More importantly, it’s more affordable than major labels like Blue Bottle and Stumptown.

Our Mission

Affordable quality and a mindful experience is what we provide - and will continue to as we build out our in-house roasting capabilities.

Along with our Relax and Learn Coffee blog which is intended to help visitors understand the world of coffee, we donate 2% of our profits to mental-health related causes to help improve treatment and reduce the social stigma of mental illness.

 We're hoping this can give you an extra moment to smile, a small bit of relaxation and the moment of sanity you need :)

- Andrew & Nicole

Sourcing Our Products


Our coffee is imported as high quality green coffee beans from exotic locations all over the world and roasted right here in the United States. As you'll see us brag about all over the site - the coffee is roasted on the day it ships for whole bean bags and the day before when you order ground coffee. It couldn't get any fresher.

Other Products

We have more to come soon - in fact we've already started sourcing our expanded (still coffee-related) inventory but we'd like to get this first part off the ground successfully, get you caffeinated, and lay out groundwork before we start the next thing.

What does this mean for you?

Right now - it means we only sell coffee. Awesome, fresh coffee that is roasted and shipped immediately to your door.