Our Promises to You

Our customers are the most important thing in the world to us outside of our family. We won't make many promises, but we will promise you safety and satisfaction.

Your Satisfaction

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Coffee is a perishable product, so we can't take returns but if you're not satisfied, we will do our best to make it right.

Our business is only as good as our product. We need your trust and for you to love the product. If we fail at those two things, our business will fail. If you have a bad experience with our product - we will make it right. Email us and we'll work with you to figure out what that looks like.

First, we'll figure out what went wrong. Did we send the wrong roast? Did USPS rip the bag? Did you not enjoy the roast? It doesn't matter, we'll figure it out and make it right. We want you to enjoy it and tell your friends. We believe that we have great coffee and we think if you give us a chance, you will too. 

Also - all of our coffee ships free - always - to anywhere in the US.

Your Safety

Every time you buy something, you put your information out into the world. You have to trust the vendors you do business with. 

You can trust us. Relax and Brew Coffee runs on the Shopify and ReCharge platforms which are PCI DSS certified. PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - and Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Discover won't let you accept their payments online unless you pass this certification - the software and the hosting.

This means that they:

  1. Maintain a secure network
  2. Protect cardholder data
  3. Maintain a vulnerability management program
  4. Implement strong access control measures to all of their systems
  5. Regularly monitor and test their networks
  6. Maintain an information and security policy

Additionally, our site is served over SSL which means all traffic is encrypted. This includes all information you give us - things like your email address, preferences, etc. We will never rent, sell or otherwise share your information with anyone. Ever. We feel very strongly about this.